learn to accept your weakness to be more stronger
2:41 am | Author: cheeky_angel
No human is perfect, only perfect human who feels and wants to look perfect. This phrase was meant to enlighten about inadequacy. Advantages and disadvantages of the two sides of the complementary nature of humanity. But, human can not accept their own flaws and do not want to understand the lack of other people. More often lack the experience of negative feelings and thoughts, so many people who hate themselves and consider the lack of perfection as an important factor to achieve happiness.

Receive a deficiency, it is not easy. For me it is easier to write than to do. However, the learning process can not stop, because without studying, people would not know and will not be able to do, and achieve something. Learning is a process able to understand and receive, including learn to accept shortcomings. Then how should I proceed? I was still studying and trying to express from the writings of this post.

Advantage is a gift that will fill in and complement deficiency. Self-reflection will always grow self-consciousness that was born right from the beginning in which mankind does not have any.
In the peace or patience. I accept the shortcomings, should have patience and understanding. Patience means that the integrity of the disabled and their trust. Yourself and the people I loved did not always able to co - equal with the desire and not always able to please one another. Lack of self may not always be covered with a further highlight the advantages of self. I am limited in capacity and there is no limit in the desire, so necessary for understanding and patience to understand it. I have the right to change, and improve their own flaws and others, but I also have to remember to maximize the advantages that I have. Do not let time and energy focused to cover the flaws, so I forgot that I had the privilege to be useful. Meaning means I have to accept is, advantages and disadvantages of myself and others without imposing the requirement to change it, let alone for those who do not want to learn to accept my shortcomings.

Meaning will move with a sense of appreciation. Valuing yourself and others acknowledge that the many benefits of quality to make myself useful, and still many others who exceeds me in all ways. Sincere appreciation and grateful is there acceptance of any personal circumstances, so I can be wise, do not feel inferior to the lack of self, do not underestimate the lack of others and not jealous of the advantages of others.

Understanding and appreciation for yourself and other people are able to make right I realize my humanity that is always need other people. As a creature of understanding, I need to avoid right of and parallel need interact with other people around me. Life is to co-exist and complement, because I will not be able to live themselves. Deficiency could I have come with the advantage of others, and the advantages that I have to fill the lack of other people. In the relationship with your spouse, awareness of the need each other to understand and appreciate the limitations and advantages of each.

                                 self                self
                             weekness + strongess =  self confident
First Love Vs First Crush
6:46 pm | Author: cheeky_angel
Hye cuties all there!!!

look at my title for this entry. what had cross your mind?? is it your first crush or your first love?? or you never experienced any of this?? haha ( is my laugh too cruel?) ok.never mind ladies. if you never have a crush or a lover, i am sure you will find it when you got married. this is better then you have a lot of crush,  engaged with somebody else and then got married with someone you never expect. am i right? hehe

at first, let me try to explain what is actually the meaning of first crush. first crush is about someone you have date for the first time. he is the first one who said 'I LOVE YOU' or 'I MISS YOU' or any other sweet word to you. he make you world so colorful and wonderful when you were date with him. you may said 'I LOVE YOU' to your first crush but remember, LOVE is only once and for one. meaning that to your first crush, you may said the word love was truly from your heart but after you broke up, you can simply said its only just a word, you didn't mean it or whatever. this is because, after you broke up, you will find a guy who are more loving, more handsome, and more charming as you can forget your first crush easily. 

first crush is easy to recognize because we know he is our first crush as he is our first date. but for your first love?? it is not that easy. love is too subjective. it is too hard to explain about love. only who had experienced it will know how its feel. now.. can you mention about your first love?? is he your 10th crush?? HAHA i dont know about you, but for me, my first crush wasn't my first love. do you want to know how can i differentiate it? actually, i dont really know.i am only realize about this when i meet my first love. i just can say that my feelings toward him is very different from other of my crush before. i dont have many crush ok. i want to say he is my first love..at the same time, i want to be his first love too. but i dont think so. i dont know wether i am his first love or not. he never mentioned it to me. ooppss...i think i have gone too far talking about me.

from the bottom of my heart, i admit that i can't forget about my first crush. this is real. you will never forget about him as he the one who introduce you to LOVE. but it doesnt mean i love him. its just sometimes, when it come to something that remind me to him, i will just thinking about him and said to myself, 'how stupid i am'..HAHA it just for me because i think it is a waste to date with someone we not gonna marry with. but somehow, i appreciate him as he teach me many things about life, feeling and love.however, when its come to your first love, you never can feel it again with any other guy. the feeling is very different. when you see his eyes, its will drive you crazy. you feel like you are in the air. when he was talking to you, you only heard his voice and you only can see him. even if a bomb explodes you will never awake.huhu

in front of your first crush, you always want to be perfect. you don't want him to know about your bad side. but for your first love, you can just being yourself. this is because your first love will accept you as who you are now. he will make your day cheerful and never broke your heart. besides, with your first love, you will never think about break up and you even can't imagine if he leave you. even when you had the biggest fight with him, you never thought about break up. you can simply forgive him because he is your lover. you just think you can't forget him. for me, my first love is someone who made me can't think about other guys after i felt in love with him. LOVE is about something deeply inside your heart. it cant be shown by thousand of the words love but it can be prove by the way you treat him. only you know how you treat your first crush and your first love.first crush Vs first love is like this "first crush is memorable, but first love is unforgettable"

thats all from me. this entry make me remind of him. but my love to my first love is more strong to blew him away. i hope my first crush have found his love. ^___^

for my love.. ^__^
ps : pray for me so that my first love will be my last love ever and my hubby. hihi
Personal Response "KEVIN"
11:55 pm | Author: cheeky_angel
Hye everyone..

yesterday, we had discussed about the story tittled "Kevin" written by Catherine Lim. this short story was really interesting and have its own messages to all mothers and sons out there. in my point of view, this story is about a mother who really love and cares about her only son. unfortunately, because of her extremely way to make her son success, she failed to show to her son that she love him. Kevin, as her son only think that his mother was selfish and never think about him.

from the bottom of my heart, i really love Kevin's mother. but i don't really want a mother like this. i think she is completely superb mother. but she only miss one thing. she failed to understand her son and she don't have any empathy. maybe from her side, she think she had done the best for Kevin. she had helped Kevin to study, she make sure that Kevin have a healthy breakfast, she also know who was Kevin's friends. furthermore, in the subject that she think she was helpless, she pay a tutor to teach Kevin. this showed that she really want the best for Kevin. unfortunately, the desire of his mother to make Kevin as the best in the class make Kevin feel stress. this is because Kevin's mother was too constrain. she was not tolerate at all and want Kevin to follow her directive all the time. for example, she object to allow Kevin to watch football match and bring Kevin to watch Star Wars even though Kevin show that he wasn't happy.

personally, i am pity to Kevin. he dont have a chance to show his feeling, his will and even his desire. his life only for his mother. i am impress how he became so obedient and never rebel or object his mother. this prove how success his mother train him since child. Kevin was a good son. she always try to fulfill his mother desire more than his own. i am very touch when i read he gave a chewing gum to Boon Kee because he remember that his mother doesn't like him to chew gum. this show how obedient he were even not in front of his mother. unfortunately his mother never understand him.

what i am not agree about Kevin is about his feeling about his mother. i cant feel a love from him to his mother. how can he feel nothing when he heard his mother was warded because of her ulcers. apart from that, i dont totally blaming him since he was the victim of situation. no one should be blaming because of this. this problem can be settle down if only this mother and son try to discuss from heart to heart and try to find a solution so that both of them will get what they want. i think Kevin's mother should not put too extremely high expectation to Kevin because this not gonna work to make Kevin success. thats why he drop his result from 95 to 82. Its not what Kevin want. he had try his best. maybe because of the stress he done a lot of mistake in the examination.

in a nutshell, whatever Kevin's mother had done, she only a mother who loves her son and wanna the best for him. and Kevin need to persuade his mother to give him a little space for him to decide his life by his own. i know that Kevin love his mother. he just cannot accept the way his mother treat him.  

ps : I love you mom. :)