learn to accept your weakness to be more stronger
2:41 am | Author: cheeky_angel
No human is perfect, only perfect human who feels and wants to look perfect. This phrase was meant to enlighten about inadequacy. Advantages and disadvantages of the two sides of the complementary nature of humanity. But, human can not accept their own flaws and do not want to understand the lack of other people. More often lack the experience of negative feelings and thoughts, so many people who hate themselves and consider the lack of perfection as an important factor to achieve happiness.

Receive a deficiency, it is not easy. For me it is easier to write than to do. However, the learning process can not stop, because without studying, people would not know and will not be able to do, and achieve something. Learning is a process able to understand and receive, including learn to accept shortcomings. Then how should I proceed? I was still studying and trying to express from the writings of this post.

Advantage is a gift that will fill in and complement deficiency. Self-reflection will always grow self-consciousness that was born right from the beginning in which mankind does not have any.
In the peace or patience. I accept the shortcomings, should have patience and understanding. Patience means that the integrity of the disabled and their trust. Yourself and the people I loved did not always able to co - equal with the desire and not always able to please one another. Lack of self may not always be covered with a further highlight the advantages of self. I am limited in capacity and there is no limit in the desire, so necessary for understanding and patience to understand it. I have the right to change, and improve their own flaws and others, but I also have to remember to maximize the advantages that I have. Do not let time and energy focused to cover the flaws, so I forgot that I had the privilege to be useful. Meaning means I have to accept is, advantages and disadvantages of myself and others without imposing the requirement to change it, let alone for those who do not want to learn to accept my shortcomings.

Meaning will move with a sense of appreciation. Valuing yourself and others acknowledge that the many benefits of quality to make myself useful, and still many others who exceeds me in all ways. Sincere appreciation and grateful is there acceptance of any personal circumstances, so I can be wise, do not feel inferior to the lack of self, do not underestimate the lack of others and not jealous of the advantages of others.

Understanding and appreciation for yourself and other people are able to make right I realize my humanity that is always need other people. As a creature of understanding, I need to avoid right of and parallel need interact with other people around me. Life is to co-exist and complement, because I will not be able to live themselves. Deficiency could I have come with the advantage of others, and the advantages that I have to fill the lack of other people. In the relationship with your spouse, awareness of the need each other to understand and appreciate the limitations and advantages of each.

                                 self                self
                             weekness + strongess =  self confident
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